Holding MY FIRST BOOK In My Hands

What a rush!

After almost seven years of writing, editing, re-writing, shopping for a publisher, and going through the full publishing process…I now have the printer’s copy of MY FIRST BOOK in my hands.

(Well, technically, I have had to set the book down in order to type, but you know what I mean).

This is an amazing feeling. The best way to describe it is the birth of your first child. You know you’re going to end up with a baby, but when the nurse finally hands him (or her) to you – it’s a very happy shock.

Oh, is this what he looks like? Oh my gosh, he’s gorgeous! Did I do that?? I want to let EVERYBODY know the good news!

That’s pretty much how it feels right now. I know every word of the manuscript. I approved the cover art and the cover text. I’ve seen the whole package in .pdf form. Yet here I sit, overwhelmed and ecstatic.

Do all published authors feel this way the first time they hold their newborn baby book in their hands? I sure hope so because this feeling ROCKS!!!!!

If you have ever given any thought to writing a book, please let me be the first to ENCOURAGE you. Hold on to that thought. Allow it to build into a dream. Then, let your creativity loose on a laptop (or a desktop, or a pad of paper) and GO FOR IT.

Put your talent and tenacity to the test – and JOIN ME inthis feeling.

Have a great day everyone!!!!

Colleen Kleven

Award-Winning Published Author (and grateful, giggling, gregarious  girl…good grief!)



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6 responses to “Holding MY FIRST BOOK In My Hands

  1. LIsa

    Congratulations!!! The book looks great!

  2. Laurie

    This is so exciting and thrilling to see the book in print and the author so deserving ! Great blog … looking forward to seeing more …

    • Thanks so much for your support. Please pop by my blog from time to time. Or, better yet, subscribe to my blog so that you will receive notification of new posts. Have a great day!

  3. Christine Krawczyk

    Okay, anyone who knows me well knows that I love a great self-help book. Who doesn’t? Truth is, there are a plethora of these titles in any bookstore, and unfortunately, many of them are just too abstract for the everyday person. What makes “CHICK NIGHT” so wonderful is that anyone can relate. Who doesn’t want to be happy? 🙂
    One year, Colleen Kleven decides to forego the specific New Year’s resolutions that so many of us break by January 3rd. Eat right, exercise more, watch less TV, blah, blah, blah. Instead, she decides that she wants to become happier and prioritize “herself”. To accomplish this, she decides on specific areas where she would like to become happier in her life, and then sets mini-goals for herself.
    I found myself laughing, nodding my head with sincere understanding, and “Ah-hah-ing” at almost every page. I found the chapter “Sideswiped by Stress” to be most profound. To be happier, read memoirs of catastrophe?? Yes, if you want to be happy with and appreciate what you have, read the diaries of people who have just been diagnosed with cancer or survived a plane crash. Maybe the little things in life, i.e. (Why the hell isn’t he going the speed limit???) won’t bother you as much.
    After all!! while FINALLY reading in black and white that “chocolate (in any form) consumed during the normal course of any and all Chick Nights is, now and forever deemed calorie-free and fat free”, I’m delighted beyond comprehension and have sent a copy to my family Doctor. It’s the little things like these that make this book incredibly joyous to read and also makes you think about starting your own happiness project.
    MY RATING – 5/5
    Christine Krawczyk

    • Dear Christine,
      SO glad you enjoyed The Beginner’s Guide to Chick NIght. It’s wonderful to get feedback about specific sections that felt truly relevant in your life. LOVE that you sent a copy to your family doctor – that’s a HOOT!!! (See full definition of “hoot” in Chick-speak Glossary of Terms on page 102.) Have a great day! Colleen

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