It’s amazing how much you can learn when you’re motivated!

I haven’t officially been in school for a very long time, however I don’t think I’ve ever stopped being a student.

The day I decided to launch my first home business, AIE (Attitude Is Everything) Ink, back in the mid-1990’s, I had to learn how to work full-time from home – writing telesales commercials for a local radio station – while trying to keep a VERY INQUISITIVE seven-year-old busy with things other than Mommy’s new fax machine.

In comparison, getting up to speed on all the necessary current technology seemed easy. (Those were the days when a FAX MACHINE was current technology).

Since those early days, I have greatly expanded my areas of expertise when it comes to writing. Believe me when I tell you there is a HUGE difference between writing radio commercials and writing a 2,000-word magazine article, a business executive’s speech, or a corporate annual report.

Over the years, I’ve learned any and all new software applications I needed to know in order to run a business which has evolved from a simple writing service to a company offering corporate facilitation and public relations.

Now, as a newly published author, I am learning again.

Every time I decide to do something new – like update my blog site – the learning curve begins. Excellent!

I bet it’s the same with you.

Think back to what you knew the day you finished high school or your post-secondary school studies. How much MORE do you know NOW?

Isn’t it wonderful?! We live and we learn.

Now, doesn’t THAT piece of knowledge put a GREAT BIG SMILE on your face?

By the way, I really have just finished updating my site and adding a whole bunch of new pages, info, and photos. Feel free to take a look around.

Talk soon.



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