Making the MOST of Your LONG WEEKENDS

Before saying anything else, let me just say that I truly hope you had a FANTASTIC long weekend. I really hope you did – not only because mine was wonderful (and I do like everyone to have a good time!), but also because there are so many ADVANTAGES to a long weekend.

Each of these advantages stems from the extra time. Although a long weekend is only ONE EXTRA DAY, that additional day gives you 50 percent MORE TIME off than a regular weekend.

Fifty percent can make a big difference, especially in terms of travel time.  Suddenly, trips to visit friends, family, or tourist sites don’t seem so hectic. If you have access to a camp, cottage, resort, or camping grounds, all the necessary packing and unpacking now feels worth the effort.

Rather than travelling, your other option is a three-day STAYCATION. This allows you to sleep in THREE MORNINGS IN A ROW, tackle a big project, putter around the house, do the type of yardwork you find relaxing, golf or socialize or sit down and read a good book.

All these choices are perfectly valid, and ultimately your list can include anything you want it to. The important thing is to ENJOY YOUR EXTRA TIME.

You probably won’t be surprised to hear that I spent a considerable amount of my time this weekend in, and near the water. I learned long ago that if you get up early enough (7AM) and head straight to the beach, you can have the entire lake TO YOURSELF.  I mean seriously, who else besides me sets her alarm so she can WAKE UP EARLY on a long weekend and drive to the water?

I consider the solitude of the morning my reward for having that type of discipline, but it is also quite possible that it just means I’m the only one silly enough to do it.

After floating around in the water for a while, my routine is to head back to shore to dry off and grab my journal. This is when I do some of my best creative thinking. Whether I am fleshing out new ideas or purposely taking the opportunity to be introspective, I indulge my love of stream of consciousness writing.

For want of a better way to explain this – I let my mind wander and let my hand take dictation as the thoughts are forming.

I find this type of writing incredibly helpful. It’s a doorway into that ever-popular category of ideas known as “thinking outside the box”. Plus, it’s a great way to clear my head and seek insight regarding confusing emotions, perplexing issues, or decisions that feel like they must be made RIGHT NOW.

By the way, I have only recently discovered that sometimes the BEST decision you can make is to NOT make a decision until you are really certain what you want to do. (Just thought I’d share that with you).

I really appreciate the extra time a long weekend affords each of us. All we have to do is remember to use it wisely.

Talk soon.




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2 responses to “Making the MOST of Your LONG WEEKENDS

  1. Laurie

    What great insight… it so happens I spent this past long weekend deciding not to make decisions.

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