I Believe She’s AMAZING

This year’s CHICK WEEK has been a lesson in flexibility, gratitude, and TRUE COURAGE.

In the original plan, Bonnie, Collette and I would spend this week (from August 8th to 12th) at Collette’s camp. Five days of sun, fun and female bonding time in a scenic and remote location – completely removed from television, radio and the internet.

Then, came the call. Collette’s Mom’s cancer had reared its ugly head again. All thoughts of our “much-needed” week of R&R suddenly seemed trivial and unimportant. The only thing that mattered to us was to provide comfort and emotional support for our beloved friend, Collette and her beloved mother, Eva.

Amazingly, it is EVA who has COMFORTED US.

Eva is no quitter, nor is she the type of woman who looks away from the truth. She has always been a formidable woman – a well respected business woman and community advocate, and a force of nature. Her instinct is to face personal and professional challenges head-on.

This combination of courage and acceptance is allowing her to recognize all that she has achieved in her lifetime, connect with all those who matter to her, and focus all her energy and attention on gratitude for the blessings of her life. She is calm, centered, and inspiring.

With all that has been going on, we Chicks decided to do a shortened version of Chick Week in the form of a two day STAYCATION. Our HONOURARY CHICK blessed us with a visit Tuesday evening during Chick Night. Within moments of her arrival, Eva had us all laughing our heads off with funny stories of how she and her husband met. Even now, she is poster girl for courage.

Afterward, while sitting together in Collette’s livingroom, we came across a remarkable video on YouTube that we would like to share with you. Visit http://www.ibelieveshesamazing.com and join with women around the world who are helping to create the LARGEST LIVING LEGACY OF FRIENDSHIP.

Who is the AMAZING WOMAN in your life? Who inspires you with her heart, strength, and courage?

Whoever she is – call her, write to her, email her, whatever. Just TELL HER.




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