TEN Things I LEARNED through the Publishing Process

As a first-time author, this past year has been interesting, educational, exciting, and at certain points a real eye-opener.

The following list includes the TEN MOST IMPORTANT things I learned during the publishing process:

  1. No matter HOW MANY times you proofread your manuscript, there will be a small error in it after publication.
  2. No matter how much you want things to happen RIGHT NOW, it takes a FULL YEAR to turn a manuscript into a book.
  3. Creating a blog site, a Facebook page, and a Twitter account is NOT as complicated as it seems.
  4. Once started, however, it turns out that social media is kind of addictive.
  5. At their core, MOST people like to do what they can to help other people succeed.
  6. A remarkable number of people have a friend/neighbour/cousin/sister-in-law who works in the publishing industry.
  7. Getting a book published is, in many ways, as costly and time-consuming as launching a new business.
  8. Make no assumptions.
  9. ASK a ton of questions.
  10. Berating yourself for not knowing WHICH questions to ask is not only useless, it’s unfair.

I’m sure you can figure out which of these lessons were easily palatable for me, and which ones needed “a spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down”.

My particular list came down to lessons in patience, human nature, and money issues – plus reminders that no-one (including yours truly) is perfect, and that life will TEACH YOU something new EVERY DAY, if you let it.

Ain’t life grand?

Talk soon.



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