Thinking of YOU

In the past hour, I have created the rough draft of five different blog post ideas. Each of them has merit and will eventually find their way onto this site, but NOT TODAY.

No matter how much I try to massage the words into sentences and the sentences into paragraphs – I just can’t seem to get any of these ideas to flow together to create a complete blog post.

Now, here I sit staring at YET ANOTHER Word document that mocks me with its vast amount of white space.

I realize that the OBVIOUS SOLUTION is to simply walk away from my laptop and not write anything on my blog today. I tried that, but I keep coming back to this keyboard because the simple truth is – I want to reach out.

I WANT TO CONNECT WITH YOU. The fact that I have no idea what I want to say today doesn’t change that.

It’s been several days since I posted anything and the longer I wait, the more I feel like I’m ignoring you.

Am I making ANY SENSE at all?

Maybe I’m just being hard on myself. After all, how many times have you called someone when you really had nothing new to say? You had no fabulous news or interesting personal anecdotes to share – you just wanted to say “Hi, I am thinking of you”.

By posting this to my blog, I am sending you an electronic version of a Hallmark “Thinking of You” card.

There it is. That’s my message for today. I AM THINKING OF YOU.

Hope all is well and wonderful at your end.

Talk soon.



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