A MEETING of the Minds

Without ever having met her, I already know that Cascia Talbert and I understand each other.

Cascia is the founder,  editor, and CEO of The Healthy Moms Magazine – the #1 health and wellness magazine for moms – at www.thehealthymoms.net

She is also a blogger, publisher, freelance writer, online merchant and mother of FIVE children.

I BELIEVE her when she says she’s busy.

Recently, Cascia requested a copy of my book for an ONLINE REVIEW.  How this busy lady finds time to read is a mystery to me, but I definitely applaud her for it! This is a woman who could EASILY teach time-management to corporate executives.

Keep in mind that I have never met this woman before, and that no money changed hands (or purses), however her review Regular “Chick Nights” Can Help Ease Stress was quite glowing.


I believe Cascia Talbert’s response was positive because she totally GETS what I am trying to say to women in The Beginner’s Guide to Chick Night:

  • GUILT-FREE “me” time is really important for women who are busy taking care of others.
  • SOLUTIONS can be found for every perceived obstacle to fun.
  • There is a SPECIAL BOND that only girlfriends can share – and YOU DESERVE to have this bond in your life.

As a woman, I encourage her AND YOU to seek out women who you can begin developing friendships with.

As a mom, I can assure her AND YOU that through regular Chick Nights, the ultimate message you will send your children is one of self-worth.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been asked on numerous occasions HOW busy women are supposed to figure out WHO they could ask out for a Chick Night.

The answer is – look around you. Who do you know, even just casually enough to say “Hi” to, that you think might be a potential Chick?

Think of women you work with, women who live in your neighbourhood, women who go to your church or belong to community organizations you are involved in.

Take a look around you the next time you’re sitting at your child’s ball or hockey game, dance or piano lesson. Which of the other moms who are also sitting here have you enjoyed chatting with in the past? Who do you feel you might have things (besides your children) in common with?

Start a conversation about how hard it is to find time for yourself, and time to socialize with other women. Listen to what she says. If she totally agrees, ask her if she’d be interested in going out for coffee and a chocolate dessert sometime – no husbands, no children.

If her eyes light up at the idea, you have met your first potential Chick Night chick.

Looking in the present is one way. You can also look in your past.

Who have you not seen or spoken to in ages? Think of someone you really like but have lost touch with.

If you haven’t called or emailed her because you are embarrassed about how long it’s been – do it TODAY. Chances are, she’s feeling the very same way, which is why SHE hasn’t called you.

Suggest that it’s been too long and that you would really like to meet her for coffee and a chocolate dessert. See what she says!

Honestly, this doesn’t have to be complicated as it seems. You may be uncomfortable to make that initial approach but you are bound to find other women who are also craving female friendship.

Enjoy your first Chick Night!



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