The POWER of Words

Words have such POWER.

They can calm or enrage. They can soothe or devastate.

Words NOT SAID (or in my case NOT WRITTEN) can have a huge impact on the meaning of a statement.

Case in point, my blog post from yesterday. In it, I referred to a time in my life when things seemed totally bleak.

In the next sentence, I was TRYING to make the point that I am certainly not the only person who has gone through a difficult time. However, what I typed was “I am the only one”.


I proofread that post at least twice before hitting Publish. Every time I read it, I said the word “not” in my head but didn’t notice that it wasn’t actually there.

By accidentally leaving the word “not” out, it COMPLETELY changed the meaning of the sentence.

Leaving words in or out is one way your meaning can be misconstrued. There is also a risk when you use a word out of context.

Here again, I am NOT the only one. A friend of mine accidentally requested that her investment broker begin to invest her money MORE aggressively. What she meant was LESS aggressively.

As a result of that one incorrect word, she now has $12,000 LESS in her investment portfolio than she did at the end of the last quarter.

One word. It was ONE WORD.

My message today is to be very, very, very careful what you say and what you write.

Words have POWER.

Talk soon. Carefully.



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