It’s a GREAT Big World Out There

When I was young, I couldn’t even comprehend how BIG our Universe was. That’s because I thought the EARTH had to be the largest thing there could possibly be.

My mom would always refer to the earth as the “entire world”. Her wording strengthened my belief that this planet was as big as it gets.

Now that I’m an adult…okay, fine, now that I’ve been an adult for quite a while, I realize that the earth is big – but not THAT big.

During the past couple of decades, we have heard more and more about global markets and global technologies. It is these global TECHNOLOGIES that I want to talk about today.

Actually, I want to THANK global technology. In particular, I want to thank the INTERNET.

The internet’s incredible ability to transmit information across the planet in mere seconds has opened up our field of possibilities to BEYOND our wildest dreams.

Less than a quarter of a century ago, the FAX MACHINE offered information transmission at what seemed like breakneck speed.

That was, of course, as long as both parties owned a fax machine and that it was turned on, had an adequate supply of ink and paper, and that someone was in the office to read it.

NOW, we can post information on websites so that it is there whenever anyone wants to read it. We can also send information out by email and social media channels.

People can access our messages and information through work computers, home computers, handheld devices, even by their cell phones – ANY TIME of the day or night.

After reading it, they have the option to send that information out even further – to THEIR email and social media contacts.

Do you ever stop to think about how HELPFUL the internet really is?

I know that you get busy with your daily life, and that the internet now seems commonplace – but if you do take the time to think about this, it may give you a bit of a head rush.

There is no end to how far news can travel and to how many people around the ENTIRE WORLD can read about it.

For example, I sat in Hanmer, Ontario, Canada (east of Sudbury, four hours north of Toronto, Ontario, Canada) to write a book. Information about that book, The Beginner’s Guide to Chick Night, has now been transmitted to online sites – and been made available for purchase – in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, South Africa, and Australia.

Book reviews have been written and uploaded, articles have been written and posted, contacts have been made and information exchanged – all without me having EVEN MET these people, and in some cases NOT EVEN KNOWING it was going to happen.

The internet has taken the concept of WORD OF MOUTH to a whole new level.

As word spreads, connections are made that I never imagined. For example, my publicist Cindy Dashnaw emailed me yesterday after discovering that my book is now available for purchase at

I was understandably excited about that, until I discovered that neither SHE nor my publisher’s rep, Kelly Ferguson, at iUniverse have EVER heard of one of their author’s books being picked up by

It’s never happened before. So HOW DID IT happen?

I don’t know, and I may never know – but I can honestly tell you that when the power of the internet even surprises the people who work with it every day – I call that a REASON TO CELEBRATE.

So, who’s bringing the snackies?!

Talk soon.




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2 responses to “It’s a GREAT Big World Out There

  1. Lara

    Wow Colleen! That is such exciting news! The universe works in mysterious ways. I have always been a bit of a technophobe but am starting to realize how incredibly useful and satisfying it is to be able to connect with people anywhere at any time. Kudos to you! Target is HUGE!

    • Thanks so much! I’m incredibly excited about Target.

      It’s funny how we can get so nervous of new technology (remember how hesitant I was to start tweeting?) yet once we’ve utilized it, we can’t understand how we managed without it?


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