An Early Christmas Present

Writers can be a strange breed. We have words and thoughts swirling around in our heads and the only way to get them to SETTLE DOWN is to write them OUT.

By doing so, we show our ideas the respect they deserve. Plus, these printed words become tangible proof of our creativity.

With the exception of knowing you have just crafted the PERFECT sentence, there is nothing more exhilarating for writers than seeing our words in PRINT.

In recent years, I’ve been writing for newspapers and magazines. I have kept paper copies of all of these articles in a portfolio.

This has worked well as a way to show new clients what I can do, however being published in this way also prompted me to set up what I jokingly refer to as the “Wall of Fame” in my home office.

Every time an article I’ve written appears in a magazine, I head off to Michaels to purchase one of their “floating frames” to display that issue’s cover.

This is how I remind myself of what I have ACCOMPLISHED. The bare spots on this wall ENCOURAGE me to continue to fill these open spaces.

I highly recommend you give yourself this type of visual acknowledgment. It WORKS WONDERS – especially during times when you’re feeling discouraged or you’re experiencing writer’s block.

After having my book published, I had been concerned that nothing else (short of a SECOND book) would ever give me that rush again.

As always, I worried for NOTHING.

Yesterday, when I saw my article in the November/December issue of Calgary’s Child Magazine, it  triggered that old familiar exhilaration. I was so relieved!

Then, I opened the second email attachment…

Finding out that Melissa Thomson, Copy Editor at Calgary’s Child Magazine has also included my book on their “must haves” list for moms – the Annual Holiday Wish List – well, THAT was nothing short of an EARLY CHRISTMAS PRESENT.


Thanks, Melissa. Hope Santa is good to YOU, too.

Talk soon.



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