THIS Is What Chick Night Is All About

Angela, Julie, and Anne at their FIRST Official Chick Night - a fun-filled laugh-filled sleepover

Take a look at these three happy faces, while I tell you how much I APPRECIATE what they’ve been up to.

Before I do that, I’ll have to give you a bit of background for context…

Talking to women, doing interviews, writing artices and blog posts, prepping for speaking engagements is very exciting, but it’s also time-consuming.

Keeping up with a book launch, even a REALLY FUN book launch, can get draining  – especially when you forget to take your own advice.

That’s why I took this past weekend OFF. I unplugged my phone and turned off my computer from 6PM Friday night until 4PM Sunday afternoon.

(By then, I just HAD to check my email.  I was starting to exhibit signs of withdrawal).

That day-and-a-half felt really good. I had time to step back from the logistics of this and concentrate on one of the main reasons why I wrote the book in the first place – to ENCOURAGE WOMEN to take time out for themselves.

Then I started to wonder if I had begun to forget my own message. That would be IRONIC, wouldn’t it?

While I was still puzzling over that question, I opened and read an email I received this morning.

I was so excited I actually called Angela and asked her permission to share what she’d written. She agreed, so here is her email………..

I just wanted to fill you in on my fabulous “Chick Night” I had with my two best friends from my hometown of Perth.

Julie and I have been friends since Grade 4 and our friendship with Anne began in high school…so these are decades old friendships here!

One is married and one is divorced and they both each have two young children. I am the single gal of the group and don’t have the same family ties they do, but I still love hanging out with them and we always try to get together whenever I’m home from Sudbury.

Suffice to say we’ve been through a lot together.

After numerous back and forth emails deciding on what, when and where we were going to meet, we decided on dinner Saturday night in Ottawa and a sleepover at a hotel.

One of my friends works for a hotel chain and was able to use her employee discount for a fabulous rate in a posh hotel in downtown Ottawa.

We ate dinner in the Byward Market at Fat Tuesdays and then walked back to our hotel room. We stopped for late-night snacks on the way there (which absolutely included chocolate!)

When we got back to the hotel room we all put our PJs on, took some pictures and then watched a “Pay-Per-View” movie, gabbed, reminisced and laughed like we did when we were in high school.

It was terrific!

I had to leave earlier than they did Sunday morning. When I left them they were capitalizing on sleeping in – without children waking them up.

Thank you for all your suggestions and the wonderful idea to make this a regular thing. Chick Night will absolutely become a regular thing for us.

I gave them each a copy of your book to read so I can only guess they’ll pour over it and point out to their family members that they have permission to “recharge”.

I can’t always get to Eastern Ontario once a month but I told my “chicks” they need to try to get together once a month – with or without me.

Thanks for everything,

How is THAT for the power of Chick Night?!

Women connecting, and in doing so, helping each other reconnect with themselves.

Angela gets it! Now, so do Julie and Anne.

THANKS, Angela. I truly appreciate your email – and the REMINDER within YOUR message.

Talk soon.



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