Sudbury Star - Sat, Dec 3, 2011

Every new author longs for media attention of his/her book. It’s how we let people know the book exists!

The unexpected perk of my book launch has been how many people I’ve had the opportunity to talk to!

That includes everyone from editors, reporters,  and bloggers to family members, friends, neighbours, and colleagues.

People really LIKE to talk about books. Whether or not they have any aspirations of writing their own book, everyone has READ a few.

Men and women get such a kick out of the idea of “knowing a published author”. In return, published authors get a kick out of people being excited for them.

I got the BIGGEST kick out of my Aunt Betty’s Christmas card.

My Uncle Lloyd and Aunt Betty live outside of Ottawa in Manotick. I haven’t seen them in ages but I have FOND MEMORIES of spending time with them – and my cousins David, Shelley, and Lianne – during the Thanksgivings, Easters, and Christmases of my childhood.

Last week, my Aunt Betty sent me their family Christmas card. When it arrived, I noticed that she had  signed it “from an older Chick.”

What a HOOT! It’s my favourite Christmas card so far.

The more I talk to people, women in particular, the more I realize how truly connected we are, and how well we can relate to being a Chick.

There is a bond women share – regardless of the life stage we happen to be in or the life circumstances we happen to have experienced. On the surface, we recognize our connection through gender but I think it goes DEEPER than that.

We really are CHICKS AT HEART.

If you’re not sure what I mean, allow me to describe the great chat I had with Laura Stradiotto, the reporter who interviewed me for the Sudbury Star article.

I’ve never met Laura. We don’t have any mutual friends – at least none that came up in conversation.

When Laura dialled the phone for our call, the only thing we had in common was that she was about to put together a newspaper article about my book.

She had a list of questions she needed to ask me – which I answered.

The call could probably have been accomplished within 10 minutes, however within the first 5 minutes, Laura and I had made a connection.

The more I described the philosophy of Chick Night, the more obvious our connection became. Laura instantly related to the desire to be more than the sum of her roles.

Don’t get me wrong – she’s happy in her roles – she just wants to be ALL that she can be.

That’s the whole point of this book. Encouraging women to seek the happiness and fulfillment that comes from a life full of interaction and connection inside their families and with their girlfriends – their Chicks.

Chick Night is all about RELATIONSHIPS.

Well okay, it’s about relationships, fun, and chocolate…but MOSTLY it’s about relationships.




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2 responses to “Making CONNECTIONS

  1. Kimberley Wahamaa

    Cheers to relationships, fun, chocolate & red wine among the chicks of all ages! Colleen, you are so inspirational…

  2. Thanks, Kimberley. Sounds like Chick Night is nothing new to you!

    All the best for many, many more fun evenings with true friends.


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