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Between family obligations and career commitments, it can be challenging for women to find the time to enjoy their own lives.

For every woman who has uttered the words, “I just don’t have time for myself,” The Beginner’s Guide to Chick Night™ offers a warm and witty look at practical ways women can return to their rightful place-on their own list of priorities.

Author Colleen Kleven, cofounder of the Hanmer chapter of Chick Night™ and founder of Chick Night™ International, shares an easy-to-follow handbook filled with practical advice that will help women everywhere recharge their batteries and learn to start having fun again.

Based on real-life experiences spanning ten years in the lives of three women, Kleven’s light-hearted guidebook presents ways women can bond with other women in order to reconnect with themselves while sharing recommendations from women who have experienced the intrinsic rewards of friendship that accompany a monthly Chick Night.

Fortunately, there is a way for women to regain control of their lives and rise above a seemingly endless list of responsibilities. It’s called true friendship-and the laughter, chocolate, and encouragement that come with it are just added bonuses.

Interested in learning more about the importance of Chick Night? Click on the link in the top right-hand corner of this page to download a FREE chapter of the book.

EBook: $9.99
Softcover: $12.95
Hardcover: $22.95

Hardcover and paperback copies available for purchase online at Amazon, Chapters-Indigo, Barnes & Noble, and iUniverse. Also available at select Chapters Bookstores in Canada and at any Chapters in-store order kiosk. *EBook downloads available at iUniverse.com and from Kobo.

BISAC: Self-Help / Motivational & Inspirational/Personal Growth / Happiness      Publication date:7/8/2011

ISBN’s:  EBook: 9781462005031     Softcover: 9781462005017     Hardcover: 9781462005024


9 responses to “About Book

  1. Amy

    Chick Time is not a new concept to me, in fact I’ve grown up hearing that phrase about once a month. You see, my Mom is Collette, one of the founder members of Chick Time. I’ve always envied my Mom having such close friends, friends that stick together through the best and worst of life. Especially now that I’m a new mom I can appreciate the necessity of having a night out to just have fun and be goofy. Between wrangling an active 1 year old and all the other daily responsibilities I found myself starting to feel frazzled and drained. When I heard Colleen had published this book I was ecstatic! Maybe I could find what my Mom, Bonnie and Colleen have! My Mom surprised me yesterday with a copy of The Beginner’s Guide To Chick Night and I haven’t been able to put it down! My wonderful Mama has been an amazing source of inspiration and help, especially since I’ve become a mom too. Now she’s passing on the torch to the next generation of Chick Timers! I just scheduled my first Chick Night with a couple friends of mine and I’m so excited! I’ll let ya know how it goes! Thanks Colleen for sharing your wisdom and humor! This book is awesome!

    • Hi Amy. So glad you’re enjoying the book. Please let me know the progress of your newly forming chapter of Chick Night. I would love updates from you. Colleen

    • Collette

      My Darling Daughter….And Now A Fellow Chick.

      Wow! I am so glad to know that you are putting the most important things in life first – mainly friendship and relationship with others. I can not wait to hear and see the healing power it brings in your life and what you bring into other lives around you.
      I know you always wondered why Rule #3 – No Children Allowed – was mandatory. I think you thought we had something special and wanted to keep it to ourselves. You are half correct in your thoughts. We do have something special. However, as Mothers we have always wanted our offspring to grow further than we have in life.
      I believe your first step in making your own Chick Night will make you grow beyond your limits and those that have been put on you. So you see, my dear, your Own Chick Nights will be limitless to how you grow and help others in growing.
      There are times when we have forgotten our worth and value – and we just need a little help from our friends. You have gotten a seed from Colleen, now plant it wisely and watch the harvest of friends – not just friends but “A friend who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words.”

  2. Christine Krawczyk

    Spellbinding, heartwarming, practical, inspiring!

    Listening to everyday people – Women from all walks of life; from celebrities to single mothers and from teens to octogenarians – talk about their core beliefs, the things that see them through and guide their lives, is comforting. Yes, comforting in a time when the media would have us think that we’re all a bunch of shallow, gimme-gimme, mindless twits with no substance (or all crooked with no scruples). Well, I’ll take a stab at generalization too, and guarantee that there are very few people who will not be inspired to greater introspection; returning to our deserving list of priorities after having a first read within this fabulous, inspiring book. And, I further guarantee that reading and sharing this WITH someone else meaningful will open up lines of communication that had been invisible. If a folk-music-lovin’ 40 year old chocolate loving, warm hearted gal working in the mental health field and a hard-core-metal-guitar-shredding 43 year old genius can connect on a deep philosophical level about homelessness, stigma and faithfulness and the power of a hug – you can truly use this book to bridge any gap. 🙂 Congratulations Colleen on your book. This is powerful, very powerful.
    Christine Krawczyk

    • Thank you very much. I am truly touched by your kind words. I have always believed that regardless of all the possible life circumstances, life situations, and stages of life each of us go through – we are all WOMEN at our core. We share a profound connection that allows us to understand each other, if we are willing to try. Thanks for trying! Colleen

  3. Leisa Price-Storey

    Hi Colleen,
    Just caught a wee bit of your discussion on our local radio, 104.9 JRfm, but luckily I got to hear your website address before I had to hop out of the car and head into work. (I tried to stay in it in the parking spot as long as I could to hear your conversation for as long as I could before I had to go in!) I wrote the address down as soon as I got in and only have a few moments to check it out before our doors open to the public. Will check out more at home, but I thought I’d let you know that I feel inspired just by the little tidbit I heard. Thanks!! Leisa

    • Hello, Leisa. How nice of you to let me know that you heard my interview this morning with Bruce Wylie and Rhianna Robins at JRfm!

      So glad you were able to hear part of it and that it inspired you! That’s what The Beginner’s Guide to Chick Night is for…and it’s what Chick Night is all about. By connecting with other women, you can be inspired and inspire each other.

      Please download a free chapter of my book and read a little bit more about what I mean. The link is here on the website.

      Let me know when you have YOUR first Chick Night. I’d love to hear back from you.

      Best wishes,


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