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Left to Right: Colleen, Christine, Amy, Jenny

You never know when you will get the chance to have a Chick Night.

It could be the result of weeks of planning and organizing.

Or, you could have a spontaneous Chick Night that none of you saw coming!

Last weekend, I managed to enjoy BOTH of these extremes.

On Saturday afternoon, Bonnie, Collette and I met at Bonnie’s house for some pre-planned chick time that involved a raw veggies platter with three types of dip, a hot cheese dip with four kinds of crackers, a fruit platter and two dips – one being a lovely serving dish brimming with melted chocolate – and a Chick flick.

The three of us spent a hilarious 90 minutes watching the movie Mamma Mia on DVD.

Yes, we chose the Mamma Mia Sing-a-Long option. Did you really have to ask?

After the movie and snackies, we had a nice, long chat – the kind that involves each woman being able to get caught up on what is happening in the other women’s lives.

Such FUN!

On Sunday afternoon, I packed my trunk full of the various leftover goodies, added a portable chocolate fountain, and drove across town to meet reporter, Jenny Jelen and cameraman extraordinaire, Cliff Skelliter to tape an upcoming segment for a local cable show on Eastlink TV called, The Episode.

When the first words out of Jenny’s mouth were, “Glad you’re here, our makeup and hair woman is ready for you”, I KNEW this was going to be FUN!

How often do I have someone else do my hair and makeup for me, you ask? Hmmmm, let me think. It happens about as often as people offer me free trips to the Caribbean!

I am amenable to that suggestion, by the way.

When Christine had finished with Jenny and I, it was time to set up the “props” for filming. Jenny’s friend, Amy had graciously donated the use of her home for the afternoon.

I arranged food, beverages, and DESSERTS in Amy’s kitchen and livingroom while Jenny prepped her intro and Cliff set up his equipment.

After the standard interview questions had been asked and answered, Cliff asked Christine and Amy to join us in the livingroom. He said, “Just relax and do what you would do if you were actually having a Chick Night.”

This is where the MAGIC started to happen.

As we four women began enjoying the munchies and serving up the chocolate brownie cheesecake – with whipped cream and strawberries, naturally – we started to chat.

Talk turned into REAL CONVERSATION which sparked LAUGHTER and eventually moved straight into FUN.

Before any of us knew it, we were HAVING a Chick Night.

It didn’t matter that I barely knew Jenny and had never before met Amy or Christine.

It didn’t matter that we were all there to tape a tv segment.

In that moment, we completely forgot about the camera guy hovering in the background. (Sorry Cliff.) Chick time simply HAPPENED.

Four women + one chocolate dessert = FUN.

Spontaneous. Unexpected. Wonderful FUN.

That’s the aspect that most women seem nervous about. The dreaded HOW?

“How do I get this started?” “How do I choose the “right” women?” “How do I word the invitation?”

Ladies, please believe me when I say…Chick Night will happen…if you LET IT HAPPEN.

Here’s the simplest and most direct procedure:

1. DECIDE what YOU would like to do.

You may want to go out for dinner or host a potluck meal. You may prefer to see a movie at the cinema or rent a DVD. You might feel like going out hiking or biking or snowshoeing and coming back for hot chocolate. Or, the idea of doing arts and crafts together may appeal to you.

The choice is up to YOU.

2. CALL or EMAIL two or three women you would like to spend time with. These can be girlfriends you haven’t seen in a while or women you barely know.

EITHER way works.

3. INVITE THEM to get together “just the girls”. Make it clear that there will be no spouses, partners, or children. Chick Night is your chance to get away from all your roles and responsibilities and just be YOU.

This is YOUR night out.

4. MENTION the chocolate. Trust me, offering a woman a chance to TREAT HERSELF is like holding a magnet half an inch above an open box of paperclips!

They will WANT to join you.

5. ENJOY yourself. It really is that simple.

Jenny, Christine, Amy, and I managed to pull off a totally impromptu Chick Night in the middle of taping a tv segment. Just think of what YOU will be able to do with a little thought and a couple of emails!

Talk soon.




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