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Being Your Own CLIENT

As a first-time author, preparing for the all-important BOOK LAUNCH this fall, I find myself treading on unfamiliar territory.

I’m used to assisting my clients in achieving THEIR marketing, public relations, and media relations goals. Now, as it  happens, I AM MY CLIENT.

YOU may have seen this coming, but I have only recently realized that it is not so easy advising YOURSELF about things like strategies and timelines.

How am I to provide a detached and unbiased project analysis when I am PERSONALLY INVESTED, both emotionally and financially, in this book?

Don’t tell anyone, but while brainstorming ideas last weekend, I momentarily considered the idea of penning a LETTER TO SANTA requesting that he include my book in everyone’s stocking this year.  (In my defence, I had been outside in the sun for most of the day and probably hadn’t bothered to drink enough water).

Fortunately, near the beginning of this year-long publishing process, I contracted the services of a professional publicist – a woman with many years of experience in the publishing industry. I’m having my first meeting with her tomorrow and am really looking forward to hearing her thoughts and ideas.

In the meantime, I have been the grateful recipient of helpful hints and suggestions from numerous family members, friends, and business associates. These generous people have put a surprising amount of time and thought into ways I can “create buzz” for The Beginner’s Guide to Chick Night.

They’ve helped me get the word out that my book is available ONLINE through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Chapters-Indigo. The next step is to get bookstores to stock copies.

People have shown their support in many different ways. Some have bought books to distribute to family members and close friends. Some have passed along emails, posted messages on Facebook, and sent out links to this blog site.

My personal favourite – and I really must share this with you – is what my niece just did. She visited her local Chapters store, keyed up my book on EVERY computer kiosk in the store, and walked out. What a hoot!  Thanks, Candace!

It is truly refreshing to witness how genuinely excited people can get, when given the opportunity to help another human being SUCCEED.

Talk soon.




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“Overwhelming” is the best way to describe yesterday’s response to the news that The Beginner’s Guide to Chick Night is now available through many of the major online booksellers (Amazon, Chapters Indigo, etc).

I am overwhelmed and extremely grateful for all the fabulous support I’ve received – on my Facebook wall, messages on my blog site and congratulations sent to my personal email.

THANK YOU. You know who you are!

The many offers of support have also been greatly appreciated. Friends and business associates have been spreading the word, through their own social media networks.


All through the writing and publishing process for this book, I’ve concentrated on what I could do to help other women. What could I say in this book? How could I word things in such a way that readers would understand how much I want to encourage them to ENJOY LIFE.

Not once, through these past seven years, did it occur to me that people might ENCOURAGE ME RIGHT BACK.

This is fantastic. I’ve always thought of writing more as a dialogue than a one-sided conversation. Thoughts expressed, viewpoints exchanged, experiences shared, and lessons learned. That’s what mychicknight is all about.

Keep it coming, people.  Let’s learn and share and grow TOGETHER.

Talk soon.



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