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What You SEE Is What You GET

It’s election day here in Ontario, Canada.

Much has been in the news lately about taxes, the high cost of living, how much money has been poured into healthcare and education, and whether or not that has been effective.

Campaign speeches and sound bites have been filled with information coloured by perspectives and fuelled by political parties – all in an effort to persuade Ontario voters as to who should be in power, and who should be out.

This whole process has gotten me thinking about how much our personal outlook affects the way we INTERPRET what we see around us – in all aspects of our lives.

LOOK at what is happening around YOU.

Do you see AWESOME or EVIL?

Do you notice BEAUTIFUL fall colours on the trees or do you just see a bunch of DEAD LEAVES on the ground?

Do you pile those leaves up so people can PLAY in them for a while or do you just shove them into a bag and COMPLAIN about the extra work?

People’s answers always intrigue me because while one person sees wonder and beauty, and another person sees misery and disaster, they are BOTH looking at the SAME WORLD.

What you CHOOSE to look for is usually based on what you EXPECT to find.

Focussing on the “positives” in life does not eliminate the “negatives” in life. However, by focussing your attention on one viewpoint, you minimize the RELEVANCE of its opposite.

Plus, what you choose to look at sure as heck has a bearing on what kind of day you have. If you don’t believe me, test it out for yourself.

How do you feel – physically and emotionally – when you concentrate on details of the most recent highway fatality statistics, the level of our national debt, or current unemployment rates ?

Compare that with how you feel – physically and emotionally – when you look for examples of good news, thoughtful acts of kindness, and the people in your life who are going after their dreams.

Which focus leaves you feeling upbeat, energized and hopeful? Which focus leaves you feeling depressed, tired, and with an overwhelming sense of “what’s the use”?

The way I figure it, I have two choices.  I can think about, and therefore blog about, statistics on crime and the latest natural disaster. OR, I can talk about, and blog about, inspiring things I see happening around me.

I’m sure you can guess where I tend to point my focus. Here is what I am concentrating on today…

I got an email that included the picture of my friend’s newborn granddaughter (thanks, Kathy!)

I just found out that my wonderful niece is purposely reading The Beginner’s Guide to Chick Night in crowded coffee shops and telling everyone who will listen that her favourite aunt wrote it (thanks, Candace!)

Three of my former radio colleagues have successfully tapped into their creativity in the following ways:

  • Sean Barrette has written, recorded, and released his first CD, Live Through This.
  • Steve Jones has written and published a book entitled Brand Like A Rock Star.
  • Scott Overton has written a book and landed a book deal for publication in 2012.

Depending upon where we look, we all have the choice to be INSPIRED or DEPRESSED by what the world has to offer.

Personally, I choose to see the things that INSPIRE me.

How DO YOU CHOOSE to see the world?

Talk soon.




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Have you ever had one of those mornings when you couldn’t seem to drag your butt out of bed?

That’s how MY Monday morning started.

The blankets were warm and comfy. My eyes were shut (and contented to remain closed.)

It was going to take a LOT to pop me out of bed.

Then it happened. I remembered that my old friend and former radio colleague, Scott Overton was doing his FIRST morning show on Rewind 103.9 today!

Scott was the morning man on a competitor’s station in Sudbury, Ontario for more than 20 years.

For two decades, Scott’s listeners were treated to his quiet, gentle humour and balanced viewpoints on everything from family life to current country hits.

When life threw his career a curveball, he chose to MAKE THE BEST OF IT. Scott took a two-year hiatus while he wrote a novel and found a publisher – WHICH HE HAS.

Last night, when I’d set my clock radio alarm, I had forgotten that this was Scott’s first morning back on air.  Imagine the pleasant surprise of hearing his cheerful voice wake me up.

After finishing my regular morning routine of face, hair, and teeth, I grabbed a cup of tea, picked up my trusty laptop and began to check my emails.

There was a nice note from a friend, a couple of fun Forwards, three telemarketers my spam didn’t catch, two client requests…and a message from MY PUBLICIST.

Cindy emailed to tell me that within the next 45 minutes, she will be sending out my book’s press release to over FOUR THOUSAND reporters in Canada and the U.S.  Woohooooooo!


Scott started off my day with a smile, and Cindy has kick-started my pulse and heart rate!

Here’s my scoreboard so far today…Excitement 2, Lethargy 0.

How is YOUR day going so far?

Talk soon.


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