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From Tires To FLOWERS

Here I sit at Kal Tire, wondering why the heck I forgot to get my summer tires switched for winter tires BEFORE the first snowfall.

The question I really need to be asking myself is why I FORGOT to put this on my “things to do” list in the first place.  (Sigh.)

Calendars, schedulers, and daytimers work really well – when you remember to USE them.

After having lived in Northern Ontario since 1980, it is more than a little embarrassing to admit that, unless I write this stuff down, the arrival of winter catches me by surprise EVERY YEAR!

Okay, I’ll be honest. I KNEW winter was coming. I just didn’t want to look for it.

Now I can no longer IGNORE the fact that summer is over, fall is over, and it will be several long months before spring arrives.

I am not particularly fond of  winter.  As far as I am concerned, it isn’t even first or second runner-up.

SPRING is my favourite season. Spring is the time of year when I can stare into the distance and see nothing but the promise of warm, sunny days ahead.

Besides, the FLOWERS are starting to come back – and who doesn’t love flowers?

Even though I’m allergic to pollen, I still love flowers. The fact that I have to hold my breath around SOME of them doesn’t change anything.

Besides, the itchy eyes and runny nose are vague memories at this time of year. Who remembers any details about ragweed season when there’s snow on the ground?

Not me.

Right now I can only long for those first glimpses of crocuses and hyacinths and tulips and daffodils poking out of the ground.

They will soon be followed by lily of the valley (my spring favourite) and LILACS (my absolute all-time favourite flower, fragrance, and colour.)

Lilacs instantly transport me back to my childhood.

I grew up with a lilac bush underneath my bedroom window. At night, with the window wide open, I would fall asleep smelling their fragrant blooms.

To this day, no matter what I am doing or how busy I am, catching a whiff of lilac in the air will stop me in my tracks.

Lilacs don’t just stop me – they trigger an overall body shrug of relaxation that instantly pastes a big smile on my face.

Snow doesn’t do that. Well, not for ME.

What is YOUR favourite season? Is it about what you can do in it or what it represents to you?

I’d like to know.

Talk soon.



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What a wonderful day! It’s sunny and warm but not unbearably so.

Days like this remind me how grateful I am to live in a country that affords me the opportunity to work from home, do what I LOVE doing, and arrange my business schedule around TRIPS TO THE BEACH.

Fortunately, I live in a truly scenic area of Ontario, Canada. The region of Sudbury has more than 330 freshwater lakes within its boundaries. We have so many lakes here that they haven’t all been NAMED yet!

I pass along this little tidbit of information because it helps to explain why a “Toronto girl”, born and raised, was drawn to Northern Ontario. I used to think it was because the pace was slower – and it definitely is – but that’s not the whole story. I honestly think it’s because of the access to water.

For me, there’s just nothing more relaxing than floating on my back in a freshwater lake. This morning, I was at the water by 7:15AM and out on the lake for my daily float before 8AM.  As I lay on that luxurious LIQUID BLANKET, partially enveloped yet completely safe, I looked up at the clear blue sky and gave thanks to ______ (fill in the blank with whatever name you use) for the awesome power contained within freshwater lakes.

Please indulge me for the next minute or two while I wax poetic…

My beloved moments floating around in clear, calm water are a personal metaphor for how I feel about the grand scheme of life. I believe we are all, ultimately, looked after. I believe that whether or not I can see it, or even really explain how it works, the Universe has my back.

Granted, there are times when I end up choking and sputtering with water up my nose when I least expected it…but hey, that’s also life!  I  shake it off, clear my head, FIGURE OUT WHAT THAT MOMENT WAS TRYING TO TEACH ME, and keep going.

Does this make sense to you? Does it feel like TRUTH for you, too? I’m curious. I’d like to know.

In the meantime, have a GREAT day!

Talk soon.



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